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Temple Area Leader - Rudy Ochoa

Rudy was born and raised in Temple , TX. One of 4 brothers, He rebelled as a juvenile and spent his teen years and early adulthood in and out of jail, and addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behavior.    

Rudy met Shelly at a night club in 1991, Where she was running from a failed marriage.    

Rudy & Shelly Ochoa married in a Church service entitled “Surrender to God” at Bethel Assembly of God on Dec. 20 1998 as a direct act of obedience to the call of God on their lives, broke but hungry for God, the Church service, held in the same Sanctuary where they were both recently “Saved” from a life of cocaine and other drug additions, as well as other destructive night life behaviors was an inexpensive (free) way to answer the call of God to “turn from their wicked ways” of living in a relationship rooted in fornication, drug abuse, and “lost-living.” and surrendering control of their lives over to the will and purpose of Jesus Christ.    

Though they were hungry for God and full of zeal, the sanctification process was not easy and would take its toll on their feeble marriage still suffering the aftershocks of recent, and past hurts, and disappointments, as well as new attacks coming from an enemy they recently became aware of. This enemy (Satan) angry at the new life the two had received, set out to kill, steal, and destroy, these two babes in Christ that seemed to be “out to sea“. Seven Years they were tossed to & fro, holding on to the immature understanding they had of the promises of God to see them through, despite certain victories they experienced as a result of God’s grace, others prayers, and faithfully clinging to the God they experienced that day at that Church, they were still barely holding the lines. With every attack from the enemy, they seemed to lose ground with new hurts and disappointments stacked on top of still fresh memories. Walls were erected in Shelly’s heart in an attempt to protect herself from anymore emotional casualty, her love for Rudy began to fade, with every fall he had, back into the same ruts of addiction and perversion, that she thought the had been “saved” from. She became hopeless, “The last hope I had for a “good” marriage is gone, If God has not been able to change him and deliver us from this pathetic life style, then there is nothing left. Rudy also exasperated by his continual back slides: fall--alter--new start, fall--alter--new start.    

Though God’s grace is sufficient and He has forgiven us for all sins 70 x 7 and then some, Human capacity, is not so forgiving, I mean Shelly would say “O.K. I forgive you, lets try again, but the cuts into her still healing heart would not heal at a pace sufficient to keep up with the lashes of continual disappointments. “I Promise” Rudy would say, sincerely I might add, “I’ll never do it again, please don’t leave me. I need you.” “you and the kids are everything to me, I cant make it without you.” cautiously she surrender to stay, but not emotionally, with every fall he had, she stacked stone upon stone in her heart between her and the man she adored so much when they first met. He could tell that she was acting differently towards him, even when he was doing well for an extended length of time, he assumed that she too was “past” it, He thought “she was supposed to forgive him of every backslide just as God had forgiven him.” The marriage grew cold, Rudy was very hurt and concerned by the callousness of his wife’s heart to the point of frustration, “I messed up, I’m sorry, But God has forgiven me, she has to forgive me, God said so” he would say in his heart, her heart would reply “ I’m sick of him, all he sees is his problem, I know its hard for him, but he’s not the only victim, in fact when he falls he becomes my enemy, I cant take it anymore” But the values instilled in her by her mother, never leaving her father who struggled with alcoholism during her childhood years, and some deep conviction inside her said “stay” “be still” A war ragged in her mind, Leave him - stay, He’ll change - He’ll never change” meanwhile a war raged in Rudy’s mind as well, “ she doesn’t love me - she‘s blinded by the enemy, that’s her problem - she needs revelation, Rudy took it upon himself to wash her with the Word, or should I say “beat” her with the Word. Shelly continued to withdraw, Rudy alarmed by direction of his marriage and family sought for something to propel them into victory, they were still going to Church regularly, still tithing, still reading the Bible (religiously), but there was no joy, no peace, no anointing, they were simply existing.  

Rudy, who has always had a passion for cars and motorcycles heard of a Christian motorcycle rally in Copperas Cove, TX. He thought he was just going to see some bikes, but while he was there he heard a man named Jerry Savelle preaching like no one he had ever heard, Rudy sat on the back row and listened to this powerful message “The God of the breakthrough is going to visit your house” Rudy was filled with Hope, He joined the Chariots of Light Car and Motorcycle clubs founded by Jerry Savelle Ministries International, and through literature found “Jerry Savelle International” Heritage of Faith Correspondence Bible School. He immediately enrolled, and began the school, almost immediately the Word became alive, He began to learn things about God’s Word that changed his thinking which resulted in a renewing of the mind, which resulted in a change of what filled his heart in abundance which resulted in a change in confessions and ultimately life, He began to pray healing and victory over their marriage, and for some way to communicate this new understanding to his wife who had zero trust and confidence in him, who would resist any leadership of her husband who had hurt her so many times and then demanded forgiveness as if he were innocent and then had the audacity to try to teach her about God. 

In the summer of 2005 God answered Rudy’s prayers, Rudy got wind of a “believers convention” that would be in Ft. Worth, TX, and Jerry Savelle would be there, Shelly would not receive any teachings from Rudy but he thought maybe she would receive it from “DR.” Jerry Savelle, so he made arrangements for the whole family to attend.  “At that convention something happened in us that has changed our lives forever, we got understanding, we heard Jerry Savelle, Kenneth Copeland, Jessie Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, and other men of Faith who took charge of their lives through the anointing Jesus bestowed upon us, many of whom had similar lives as ours, they have taught us principles of God’s Word, Spiritual Laws, like the natural law of gravity, laws that work every time. We began immediately to press in, exercising these principles in faith, through love and seeing results, they are not formulas that work in their own ability apart from God, But they are spiritual laws that Father God has set into motion through spoken Words of faith for us. Jesus said “My people parish for lack of knowledge” “in all you getting; get understanding” it’s about a Father in heaven wanting His children to “prosper and be in health, even as their soul prospers” 3 John.

  Written By: Rudy Ochoa Thank God for COL!